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Using Instagram to Boost Your Business

“The impact of social media is squarely upon us. Many Gen Xers and Millennials are moving away from Facebook and into Instagram” Instagram is taking a strong hold in the social media market and...

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Hummingbird Update, New Google Algorithm

In September of 2013 Google gave it’s search algorithm an overhaul. The dreaded Penguin or Panda updates were to an existing algorithm. Hummingbird is totally new algorithm. Google reports an algorithm hasn’t been rewritten...

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Start Your Website Off Right With SEO Best Practices

If you have a business website or a blog, you understand that the goal is to get as much traffic as possible. More traffic could mean more potential leads , more sales, and in the end more money.

You should already know that in order to get listed well in the search engines you need to employ search engine optimization. A lot of people don’t fully understand the the term SEO. They believe that it something that you pay a flat fee for, do it once and your done. This is definitely not the case.

This article is to give business owners and website operators an understanding of SEO best practices.

There are several “phases” of SEO that enhance your website in getting found, searched and ranked in the search engines. We will go over the first phase that I (and many other people) call “best practices”.
A positive action of 1% here or 2% there, all add up in the end. Keep in mind my SEO motto “Every little bit helps”

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If Facebook Were a Country

Social Media Revolution 2011 by Socialnomics. This is a very cool video with many great stats about social media…enjoy!