Google Hummingbird

Hummingbird Update, New Google Algorithm

In September of 2013 Google gave it’s search algorithm an overhaul. The dreaded Penguin or Panda updates were to an existing algorithm. Hummingbird is totally new algorithm. Google reports an algorithm hasn’t been rewritten this much since 2001. With more focus on semantic search, Google now deals with complex search queries in a much better [...]

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Keyword planner

R.I.P. Keyword Tool, Google announces it’s new Keyword Planner

Last May, Google announced the introduction of the Keyword Planner. Stating that it was a combination of the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator and the news that soon the Keyword Planner days were numbered. Well, that day has come. Last week Google officially took down Keyword Tool. When you google Keyword Tool you are redirected [...]

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Facebook sharer.php

Share your page on users Facebook timeline using Open Graph.

A popular technique for online marketers is to have people share their landing page on their Facebook timelines. Using the Facebook sharer.php is the simplest way. Facebook says it’s officially “deprecated,” but there’s but it seen it’s in full swind considering that it now uses Open Graph to customize the message. Basic Usage: Using the [...]

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SEO best practices

Start Your Website Off Right With SEO Best Practices

If you have a business website or a blog, you understand that the goal is to get as much traffic as possible. More traffic could mean more potential leads , more sales, and in the end more money.

You should already know that in order to get listed well in the search engines you need to employ search engine optimization. A lot of people don’t fully understand the the term SEO. They believe that it something that you pay a flat fee for, do it once and your done. This is definitely not the case.

This article is to give business owners and website operators an understanding of SEO best practices.

There are several “phases” of SEO that enhance your website in getting found, searched and ranked in the search engines. We will go over the first phase that I (and many other people) call “best practices”.
A positive action of 1% here or 2% there, all add up in the end. Keep in mind my SEO motto “Every little bit helps”

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Social Media Primer: Getting Started with Google+

Social media has been around long enough that if you have a business then you already have a Twitter or Facebook account, or at least you should. If not you need to get on board. Better late than never, I say. So if you are an absolute beginner, then I highly suggest Google+. Google+ first [...]

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If Facebook Were a Country

Social Media Revolution 2011 by Socialnomics. This is a very cool video with many great stats about social media…enjoy!

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Help….We Need Email Marketing Standards Now!

Email marketing is going strong, and so is the ever popular HTML email format. For people and business’s that create these this is their desired choice since they can make an email look professionally designed and branded. However…there is a problem. Not all email clients are at the same level, and display the same information. [...]

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How iPads and Tablets Will Rule the World

With 13 million iPads sold this year, it’s hard to believe that the release of the iPad was just last April. My initial though, like many, was this is just an iTouch on “steriods.” For the first few months that’s exactly what it seemed to be. It looked like an iTouch, it functioned like an [...]

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Googles new upgrade “Caffeine” – How it affects you.

New Google’s Caffeine faster, more acurate and more relevant. Changes in store for web developers and seo experts.

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The Big Fight Over Your Local Advertising Dollars

Local online advertising is growing into big business. As the slow decline of traditional advertising dollars shift to digital media buys, there is a battle brewing between the Internet big boys and social networks. All, of which, are trying to carve their own niche and gain the local advertising dollar.

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