R.I.P. Keyword Tool, Google announces it’s new Keyword Planner

Last May, Google announced the introduction of the Keyword Planner. Stating that it was a combination of the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator and the news that soon the Keyword Planner days were numbered. Well, that day has come. Last week Google officially took down Keyword Tool.

When you google Keyword Tool you are redirected to this page “Keyword Planner has replaced Keyword Tool” 

Keyword Planner will help users find ideas for new keywords and ad groups. It will also get performance estimates for them to help with budgeting, and then add them to your campaigns.

Working with keywords and ad group ideas
Keyword Planner works in the same manner as Keyword Tool for finding keywords, but also allows you to “multiply” keywords or combine keyword lists. You can no longer target countries, but you can target individual cities and regions, which helps with local SEO.

Using plans with your campaigns
A plan is a group of keywords and ad group ideas that can be grouped. Ideas can be added or deleted from campaigns. Once your done building your plan, you can click “Get estimates and review plan” to see total estimated clicks and cost.

Review of performance estimates
When reviewing your plan, a graph will give you a range of mac CPC and daily performance estimates for your keywords. At this point you’ll be able to update your targeting settings, keywords, and ad groups to further refine your estimates.

When you’re satisfied with your plan, you can apply it to a new or existing campaign or download it to implement later.

Click for more differences between the Keyword Planner and the Keyword Tool.

Many SEO and marketing experts are finding the transition a little slow and a few are grumbling over changes. I’m sure people get used to working in a certain way and change slows down the process.

One issue is that you now have to login to AdWords to use the Planner, unlike Keyword Tools.

I know change can be hard but, in the long run, updates are usually for the better.


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